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DVDs by Shidoshi Dick Severance
Vol. # 1
Unarmed Gun Defense--Part 1

In this comprehensive volume the viewer learns to safely and effectively disarm and defend against attackers armed with handguns, from close-up assaults and from a distance. Important psychological factors are also addressed.

Vol. # 2
Unarmed Gun Defense--Part 2

Shidoshi Severance continues instruction of more safe and effective disarms and defenses from assaults involving handguns and rifles. More psychological issues are discussed.

Vol. # 3
Kyoketsu Shoge

Shidoshi Severance introduces and demonstrates the use of a unique double-edged blade, attached to roughly 18 feet of rope, chain, or ending in a large metal ring, used to block a sword attack and to ensnare and incapacitate an opponent.

Vol. # 4
Tessan & Kunai

In this volume, Shidoshi Severance introduces the ancient leaf-shaped Kunai, a wrought iron unsharpened trowel-like tool used as a bludgeon to disable an opponent or destroy a knife or sword. Also demonstrated is the Tessan, an ancient war-fan used as a shield and to signal, distract or attack an opponent.

Vol. # 5
Tanto Jutsu--Part 1

Shidoshi Severance demonstrates safe and effective unarmed defense against opponents armed with knives, the most commonly encountered weapon, including slashes, and stabs. Many variations are shown.

Vol. # 6
Tanto Jutsu--Part 2

Shidoshi Severance shows more techniques to safely and effectively defend against attacks from opponents armed with knives.

Vol. # 7
Hanbo Jutsu

Shidoshi Severance demonstrates the use of the unassuming three-foot half-staff. Proper utilization is shown to use it as a means of striking, restraining or throwing someone; even defeating a sword-wielding opponent.

Vol. # 8
Bo Jutsu

“Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick” is the theme of this DVD!

Shidoshi Severance demonstrates the proper use of the six-foot staff or Rokushakubo. Various positions, footwork and movements are shown as well as using a staff against a sword.

Vol. # 9
Bo Jutsu--Part 2

Shidoshi Severance demonstrates more techniques of wielding the elegantly simple, but deadly, six-foot staff against an opponent.

Vol. # 10
Water Warrior Training

In this in-depth volume, Shidoshi Severance demonstrates taijutsu in and around water, and using the water to your advantage. In addition to effective fighting skills--drown-proofing, silent swimming, water entry and exit tactics, as well as life-saving techniques are included. Instruction in effective canoeing techniques and recovery skills are covered.

Vol. # 11
Car Defense

This volume takes “defensive driving” to the next level. Shidoshi Severance demonstrates techniques to use a vehicle for self-defense in ways you never imagined. Neutralizing one or more aggressors inside, as well as outside of your vehicle is covered. Placement of helpful tools inside a car is shown as well.

Vol. # 12
Kusari Fundo

In this volume, Shidoshi Severance teaches applications with a quite versatile 3-foot-long chain or rope weapon with weights on the ends, used to, ensnare, strike and injure opponents at a considerable distance.

Vol. # 13
Ken Jutsu

Shidoshi Severance demonstrates “cutting-edge technology” in the techniques and proper handling and of a sword. Various positions, footwork and movements are shown, using a sword against a sword as well as unarmed against a sword.

Vol. # 14
Ken Jutsu--Part 2
Shidoshi Severance demonstrates more “cutting-edge technology” in the techniques and proper handling and of a sword.
Vol. # 15
Kihon Happo

This volume explores the Kihon Happo or “basic eight rules.” Kihon Happo, the fundamental ways of moving upon which our art and most all of the martial arts are based, is the basis of all techniques, whether armed or unarmed, and therefore extremely important. Learning to move from the basic Kamae is vital to progress in Budo Taijutsu. These eight basic techniques are said to be the origin of all Budo.

Vol. # 16
San Shin

This volume Sensei Severance teaches principles of San Shin. This is the five basic striking patterns from Gyokko ryu, also called Gogyo no kata. They teach the balance and coordination aspects of Bujinkan Taijutsu, as well as how to move naturally in a relaxed way to generate power.

Vol. # 17
Grab Defenses

This volume takes the Kihon Happo to the next level. Shidoshi Severance demonstrates techniques to counter the eight basic Kihon Happo techniques. Every technique has a counter and every counter has a counter!

Vol. # 18
Wilderness Survival part 1
In this volume, Shidoshi Severance demonstrates valuable skills necessary for survival in the wilderness. Topics include shelter construction, procuring water, fire-making, tracking, traps and snares, make-shift weapons, creating a survival kit, and much more.
Vol. # 19
Wilderness Survival part 2
In this volume, Shidoshi Severance demonstrates more valuable skills necessary for survival in the wilderness. Topics include mroe on snares, and traps, edible and medicinal plant identification, and more.

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